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Broad-Based Apologetics

  • Day / Time Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Starts: October 9th)
  • Location Calvary Chapel – Youth Center West
  • Childcare Yes (Upon request)
  • Open / Full Open

About this Group

The apostle Paul tells us to ‘always be prepared to give an answer to those who ask the reason for the hope that lies within you’ (1Pe. 3:15). Apologetics is evangelism with just a few extra options.

This course will explore the biblical examples of a systematic defense of the Christian faith through individuals such as Peter, Stephen and Paul. We will examine the different areas of apologetics such as Argumentation Theory, Cosmological Arguments and Philosophical arguments as well as ways to examine the truth of scripture through evidence from Archaeology and the historicity of Jesus. We will also look at common flaws used by non-believers regarding biblical contradictions and issues such as changing manuscript evidence.

Study and discussion with be somewhat augmented by occasional assignments done outside of class to help participants better understand the concepts and processes being presented although they will be of limited time commitment and only for practice.

This class is meant to both strengthen the faith of the believer as well as provide options in evangelizing to those who seek to engage us in discussion about the historical and truthful reliability of the historic Christian faith.

Study Material: Bible

Group Size: 20 adults


Jeff Hindley Contact Leader
Location Calvary Chapel – Youth Center West 6550 SE Alexander Street, Hillsboro, OR
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