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Have you ever felt like God was giving you the silent treatment? Maybe you have prayed and asked God for direction but have not heard anything. Or maybe you are going through some physical illness and you are praying for God to heal you, but you feel like your request has fallen on deaf ears.

 Esther was a woman of faith and courage, but she was still tossed about, abandoned, lonely and oppressed. Although Esther had many things against her, she still had a love and respect for her family, faith in God, and a desire to walk with her God in obedience. In this study, we look behind the scenes to gain understanding of how to respond to those feelings and learn that there is a purpose during those times of silence. This group is available through Zoom. The group leader will contact you with the meeting ID.

Study Materials: Bible, journal, pens, highlighters


Melissa Vega-Smith
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