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  • A Walk With God Through Friendship

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    About this Book

    Over 60 meditations are provided on provided on a wide range of friendship topics — all with grace, humor and thoughtfulness. Each meditation begins with a biblical verse and ends with a prayer.

    The 2010 edition has been updated with an appropriate color photograph for each meditation.

    Here is an example of a meditation:

    My friend brought me a ham. It was a simple gesture, really. Friends have been bringing friends hams for a good long time. But the timing was perfect. I had nothing for dinner and was at that very moment headed out to the grocery store. “Perfect timing — how did you know?” I asked her. She smiled and hugged me. “I just like you, so I know what you like and when you like it.”

    In some ways, simple obedience to God is a cop-out. If we obey without treating God as a cherished friend, we are simply servants. Friends know each other and get joy out of surprising and pleasing the other person. Imagine responding to our friendly God, who was willing to be made known to us in Jesus, by saying, “I like you, so I know what you like and when you like it,” and then seasoning the world with surprising acts of grace that capture God’s heart.


    By: Kim Engelmann 

    Publisher: Askmar publishing


    About the Author

    Kim Engelmann is the Senior Pastor at West Valley Presbyterian Church in Cupertino. She is married to Timothy Engelmann who is a psychologist with a private practice in Burlingame. They have three grown children, Christopher, Julie and Jonathan.

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