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  • Clothed to Conquer

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    About this Book

    Clothed to Conquer: Putting on the Whole Armor of God

    The world is thick with darkness. And it’s ever creeping into every facet of our lives. There’s a real battle raging for the hearts and souls of humanity. More than ever, the Christian needs to be suited to stand firm and prevail in this spiritual battle. In Clothed to Conquer, Pastor Danny Bond shares how each of us can be daily clothed in the whole armor of God. This book will heighten your awareness of the unseen world around you, stirring you to become a diligent student of God's Word. Clothed in the armor of God, the Holy Spirit will help you fend off the fiery darts of defeat, discouragement, and self-preoccupation. The truth will set you free. And, ultimately, it will send you out to free others. This book reveals the following truths that every Christian needs for battle:

    • Protection from discouragement
    • God’s peace in times of trouble
    • Focusing on the Word, not on failure
    • Recognizing the Accuser’s voice
    • Combating condemning thoughts
    • The freedom of Christ’s righteousness
    • Attacks that follow both triumph and hardship


    By: Danny Bond 

    Publisher: The Word Transfer


    About the Author

    With a fresh focus on continuing The Word Transfer, broadcasting his sermons & writing more books, Danny Bond after enjoying nearly forty years in ministry has retired from full time pastoring to California. He has pioneered and pastored several churches, planting others as he went. For decades he taught at conferences through out the U.S. and many country's overseas. He ministered for years over the radio in the U.S. and across Europe. Now hundreds of his messages stream over the Internet each month. He has authored over a dozen works in including Clothed to Conquer, Enjoying God while Overcoming sin, and The Spirit Controlled Life. His verse by verse teaching has been widely embraced for its ability to stimulate the mind while warming the heart with the truth of God's Word. 


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