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  • Refuting Compromise

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    About this Book

    Did death, disease, and man-like creatures exist before Adam and Eve? Were the days of creation measured in millions of years? Was Noah's flood a local event? Offering an informed, reasoned refutation of progressive creationism advocated by Christian astronomer Hugh Ross, research scientist Sarfati examines Genesis 1-11, demonstrating that the truth of Scripture is more reliable than the theories and opinions of men.

    With his usual clarity, Jonathan Sarfati, author of the best-selling Refuting Evolution has produced this refutation of the position of Hugh Ross, whose views are causing massive confusion about science and the Bible.


    By: Jonathan Sarfati 

    Publisher: Creation Book Publishers


    About the Author

    Born in Australia, Jonathan Sarfati moved to New Zealand as a child and later majored in chemistry at Victoria University of Wellington. In 1996, he returned to Australia and took a position as a research scientist and editorial consultant for the Creation Science Foundation in Brisbane. His first book, Refuting Evolution, has sold over 350,000 copies. He co-authored the best-selling The Answers Book, and is a former New Zealand Chess Champion.

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