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  • Why Won't They Listen?

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    About this Book

    A lot of time and money is spent by Christians who have a passion to spread the gospel. 

    Across the globe, this effort is paying off as seakers find Christ, the source of truth and peace. In many cultures, though, appeals made on behalf of the Christian faith are met with blank stares, indifference, even mocking hostility. In this truly bold new book, Ken Ham presents an ambitious plan to fulfill the Great Commission. 

    A compelling writer and speaker, Ham deftly exposes the great flaws of Darwinism, and shows how compromise with this philosophy of death is killing the Church. By urging Christians to stand on the veracity of the Bible, Ham clears the jungle of tangled views of reality, and helps committed Christians see the path to effective evangelism.


    By: Ken Ham 

    Publisher: Master Books


    About the Author

    Founder and president of Answers in Genesis, a ministry dedicated to teaching the importance of creationism, Ken Ham is a very popular and effective speaker with American church audiences. He and his wife have five children and make their home in Kentucky.

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