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  • Ephesians

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    About this Book

    Ephesians: Wholeness for a Broken World

    Broken marriages, shattered friendships, racial divisions, war between nations--we live in a fractured world. How can the pieces be put back together? In the New Testament book of Ephesians Paul lifts the veil from the future to allow us to see God's plan to unite everyone and everything in Christ. Studying this book will renew your hope.


    By: Andrew T. Le Peau, Phyllis Le Peau 

    Publisher: IVP Connect


    About the Author  

    Andrew T. Le Peau is associate publisher, editorial, at InterVarsity Press where he has worked since 1975. Before that he was a campus staff member for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), serving in the St. Louis area. He is the coauthor of several Bible study guides including and in the LifeGuide Bible Study series and the author of Paths of Leadership.
    Phyllis Le Peau is Great Lakes West evangelism coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship serving in the Chicago metro area. She is also the author of several Bible study guides published by InterVarsity Press and Zondervan.


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