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  • Living on Nothing Atoll: Aloha Cove

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    About this Book

    Sixteen-year-old Cass Devane’s life feels like a plot out of some bad movie and she’s ready for it to end! Her life had been so perfect before Steve Spencer and her mother fell in love. Now her mom was getting married and they were all moving to some tropical island in less than a month

    How could they do this to her? How could she leave all that she loved behind? How could she live under the same roof with her new stepsister, Tabitha? A new family, a new school, a new life…it was just too much!!!

    Will Cass ever figure out what God has planned for her life? Read along as she takes on the challenge of trusting God—in the middle of a brand new life.

    By: Theresa Kelly  

    Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

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