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  • My Grandpa Is Amazing

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    About this Book

    Doesn't it seem as if grandparents always think of the best games, buy the biggest ice cream cones, and have the most patience? And doesn't it seem as if they are always on your side when things go wrong? Little wonder, then, that grandparents hold such a special and carefully guarded spot in the hearts of children. There are thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers just like the ones in these warm salutes grandparents who are amazing and truly wonderful.

    By: Nick Butterworth  

    Publisher: Candlewick

    About the Author

    Nick Butterworth says of My Grandpa is Amazing, "I wonder how much time I spent as a boy singing the praises of my family. My grandpa could make anything out of anything. My gran was the best friend anyone could ever wish for. My dad was little short of Superman and my mum... well, perhaps she actually was Wonderwoman! It's heartening to know that children feel the same today as I did then. Especially my own two!" Nick has worked as a graphic designer, television presenter, magazine editor and cartoon-strip illustrator, as well as producing numerous successful children's books. These include the Walker titles My Dad Is Brilliant, My Grandpa Is Amazing, My Grandma Is Wonderful, Making Faces, Jack the Carpenter and His Friends and Jill the Farmer and Her Friends as well as the bestselling Percy the Park Keeper series. He lives in Suffolk.

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