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  • Amazing Grace Of Freedom

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    About this Book

    The Amazing Grace of Freedom: The Inspiring Faith of William Wilberforce

    A visionary and principled man of his time; a classic and enduring hero for ours. William Wilberforce was a man of principles whose faith helped him lead the fight to abolish slavery in Great Britain. The story of this remarkable man, recently highlighted in the feature film Amazing Grace, is truly extraordinary, and his 30-year fight to end slavery is a faith-strengthening and inspiring tale for those who would effect change in today’s society.


    By: Ted Baehr, Susan Wales, Ken Wales   

    Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group


    About the Author

    Veteran Christian filmmaker Ken Wales credits include being Executive Producer of the TV series Christy; and Producer of Amazing Grace: the story of William Wilberforce. In addition, Wales has helped to produce many films. In TV, Wales co-produced the Emmy and Golden Globe winner, John Steinbeck's East of Eden, and associate-produced the first season of Cagney and Lacy. And currently, Ken is developing the sequel to Chariots of Fire. Susan Wales is an active television producer, speaker, and author of numerous books including, Faith in Gods and Generals. She is the former co-chairman of the benefit for the UCLA Family Development Center and has served as Executive Producer of the Annual MOVIEGUIDE Awards on PAXTV. Susan has also served on the Board of The Parents Television Council, the Santa Monica Historical Society and The Christian Film and Television Commission. Ted Baehr, founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE and Chairman of The Christian Film & Television Commission, is a well-known movie critic, educator, lecturer, and media pundit. He has written numerous books, including Culture-Wise Family (Regal) and Getting the Word Out (Harper & Row).   Dr. Baehr was president of the organization that produced the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Dr. Baehr has been a featured guest on programs such as: Oprah, Hannity and Colmes, CNN, ABC & Fox News.


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