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  • Falling In Love With the Bible

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    About this Book

    Bible reading: It's not a "have to", it's a "get to"! How can a Christian get that mindset? This book by Mike MacIntosh inspires it! Falling in Love with the Bible helps create a paradigm shift in the Christian heart - from a sense of obligation to the realization that reading God's Word is an incredible privilege! Historically, people of faith have had great reverence for the Scriptures. Christians crave that sense of awe and wonder regarding the Bible, and this book will help satisfy the longing, MacIntosh reveals the Bible as the way to find intimacy with God, to realize His tangible presence in our lives. God is not a silent partner. Whatever situation we face, God has something to say about it - and it's in the Bible! Get ready to fall in love again!


    By: Mike Macintosh

    Publisher: Cook Communications


    About the Author

    Mike MacIntosh has been the pastor teacher at Horizon Christian Fellowship for over 34 years in San Diego, California. His unwavering commitment to the Bible, his simplistic approach and his relevance to the world we live in - has impacted thousands of lives, and opened the doors for the truth to be heard around the world. Mike and Sandy are parents of five children and live in Southern California.

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