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  • Don't Call It Love

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    About this Book

    Don't Call It Love: Recovery from Sexual Addiction

    This ground-breaking work by the nation's leading professional expert on sexual addiction is based on the candid testimony of more than one thousand recovering sexual addicts in the first major scientific study of the disorder. This essential volume includes not only the revealing findings of Dr. Carnes's research but also advice from the addicts and co-addicts themselves as they work to overcome their compulsive behavior. Positive, hopeful, and practical, Don't Call It Love helps addicts, friends and family of addicts, the general public and the scientific community better understand all addictions, their causes, and the difficult path to recovery. 

    By: Patrick Carnes 

    Publisher: Bantam


    About the Author 

    For all addicts, a moment comes when they realize they have a problem. Patrick Carnes, PhD, an internationally acclaimed speaker and authority on sex addiction treatment, wrote that statement about 35 years ago in his book Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sex Addiction. Since writing that groundbreaking book on sex addiction, he has written over 20 more books on addiction and recovery. 

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