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  • Praying the Ten Commandments

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    About this Book

    Cleddie Keith lifts the Ten Commandments out of their natural habitat as a legal document and presents them as powerful truths motivating you towards prayer. He delicately shifts the focus from 'keeping' the Ten Commandments to 'praying' the Ten Commandments. Looking at each commandment Keith supplies fuel to motivate the reader in his life of prayer. This is not a is a prayer book and the Ten Commandments will never be the same again.


    By: Cleddie Keith

    Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers


    About the Author

    Cleddie Keith, an Assemblies of God minister, has been consumed with a passion for revival since the days of the Charismatic and Jesus Movement in the '70s. While serving on a pastoral staff at Oak Lawn Church in Houston, God began a sweeping revival. At that time, 1,000 students from Jackson Junior High were swept into the kingdom of God. It was at this time that Cleddie began a life-long quest for revival. Today, as the senior pastor at his church, Cleddie hosts a weekly revival meeting every Friday night with numerous salvations and a packed meeting every time. Pastors and congregations within a 150-mile radius visit this service. Under his leadership the church has become a hub for revival in the Cincinnati area.

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