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  • Before I Was Born- Book 2

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    About this Book

    Before I Was Born is the second book in the GOD'S DESIGN FOR SEX series, written to be read with children ages 5-8. With an age-appropriate, straightforward text and informative illustrations, Before I Was Born explains sex as a special gift God gives to a husband and wife and covers such topics as: 1) Why God made boys' and girls' bodies different; 2) God's plan for loving marriages and families; 3) The basic facts about intercourse, presented in the context of marital love and intimacy; 4) Conception and fetal development; and 5) Childbirth and breastfeeding. Created to answer the questions inevitably asked by young children, Before I Was Born will help you give your child a vital head start in understanding God's intended purpose for procreation and sex.

    By: Carolyn Nystrom

    Publisher: Navpress Publishing Group

    About the Author  

    Carolyn Nystrom has written over 20 books for young children, including What Happens When We Die, winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion Award. She and her husband have four children, and the questions they asked about sex, pregnancy, and babies prompted her to write Before I Was Born.

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