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  • Family Moments

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    About this Book

    Family Moments: Making an Investment With a Priceless Return

    Easy Ways to Put Fun into Family Life Whether your children are toddlers or teens, it’s no too late to improve your family life. In Family Moments, companion to their popular book Marriage Moments, the Arps have assembled thirty-one fun-filled, fresh ideas for blessing your children. This book can be read in one evening, used as a month-long devotional, or dipped into for specific advice and encouragement.

    By: David and Claudia Arp

    Publisher: Vine Books

    About the Author

    David and Claudia Arp are the founders and directors of Marriage Alive International, Inc. and authors of several books such as: Ten Great Dates for You and Your Spouse and The Second Half of Marriage. Their Marriage Alive Seminar has been presented to thousands of couples across the United States and Europe. Dave and Claudia’s lively presentation style and down-to-earth approach to relationship issues endears them to their audiences and makes them sought-after speakers in their field. The Arps also host their own syndicated radio program, “The Family Workshop,” and have written over fifteen books dealing with marriage and family enrichment.

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