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  • I Celebrate You, Grandmother!

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    About this Book

    Everyone deserves to be celebrated - because everyone is special and unique. The popular "I Celebrate You™" series provides a uniquely customized gift for those times when a greeting card just isn't enough. Each 28-page book combines original art with special messages of celebration - and includes several pages for the sender to personalize the booklet with notes of encouragement.


    By: T.J. Mills, Joy Marie 

    Publisher: Thomas Nelson


    About the Author

    T.J. Mills is the author of Joy Marie's books as well as her aunt! They share a sister-like relationship and use each other's creativity for inspiration. T.J. and her husband John have an eight-year old daughter named Hillary.

    After majoring in art at Central Missouri State University, Joy Marie began teaching. In 1994, she started the Joy Marie Company and expanded into licensing in 1998 where her work appears on products including framed prints, journals, greeting cards, and more.

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