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  • I Want to Teach My Child About Values

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    About this Book

    How do I teach my child about values?

    Busy parents like you long for help, hints, and solid strategies to enable their kids to learn the importance of having solid moral values. From love, forgiveness, and respect to compassion and honesty, I Want to Teach My Child About Values offers clear, concise information about the impact of God-centered values plus tips, lists, charts, questions, and practical, interactive suggestions for helping your child...
    • Discover how values help us serve and honor God.
    • Learn the importance of acceptance and respect for others.
    • Explore tre effective strategies for nurturing the values God desires.
    • Realize that negative words and actions hurt ourselves and others.
    • Understand that our actions are affected by our attitudes.

    I Want to Teach My Child About Values
    fits neatly into your purse, pocket, or briefcase—ready to offer you support, activities, and loads of practical information in a snap!

    By: Marcy Bryan

    Publisher: Standard Publishing

    About the Author

    Marcy Bryan works hard not to take herself too seriously. Even so, she plays a number of no-nonsense roles: international radio personality, home-school teacher, wife, and research writer. Marcy lives with her husband and their daughter, Meghan, in Louisville, Kentucky.

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