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  • Parenting Streetwise Kids

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    About this Book

    Parenting Streetwise Kids: Studies for Parents of Kids at Risk

    There is no question that parents want healthy, stable homes. One of the concerns of today's parents is the violence in our society and #151;especially when it involves their own children. Even good parents have kids who are caught in the rage and violence around them. These hurting parents need hope and help as they try to intervene and get their kids back on track.

    Sound biblical teaching and the chance to interact with other adults in the same situation make a great combination for strengthening family life.

    Parenting Streetwise Kids is for parents who know that their neighborhoods are too violent for the welfare of their children. In many cases, they can find crack on the streets, guns in the schools, and gangs in their own front yards. The principles of this study will help all parents of children who are already involved in violence or may feel pressured to do so. This study will help these parents gain insights on.  

    Understanding their kids' world
    Combating the influences of the media
    Recognizing at-risk behaviors and signs of gang violence
    Holding their kids accountable
    Equipping their kids to resist violence
    Having hope during tough times

    Like all Family Growth Elective courses, Parenting Streetwise Kids is written for today's families. This self-contained leader's guide provides 13 complete Bible-based sessions on practical, family-related topics. Every session includes reproducible handouts for group members and step-by-step plans for the leader. Use this course with adult classes, small groups, midweek meetings, or retreats.

    By: Victoria Johnson and Mike Murphy

    Publisher: Cook Communications Ministries Intl

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