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  • Preparing for Adolescence

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    About this Book

    Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change

    Talking to your children about sensitive topics is never easy. And yet, what parent wouldn't want his or her child to go into the teen years confident and wise to the challenges of adolescence and beyond? Your children are depending on you to get the information they need and want to face the coming years of change. Dr. Dobson, a leading family psychologist, knows how to speak directly and sincerely to youth about the topics that concern them the most.

    By: Dr. James Dobson

    Publisher: Revell

    About the Author

    Dr. James Dobson is the founder and chairman of Focus on the Family. He is also the bestselling author of many books, including The Strong-Willed Child. He and his wife, the parents of two grown children, live in Colorado.

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