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  • The Last Christian Generation

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    About this Book

    Research on the current generation of young people reveals an alarming fact: they have redefined what it means to be Christian. The majority of our churched young people do not believe Christ is the Son of God, do not believe the Holy Spirit is a real entity, and think "doing good" earns them a place in heaven. Their attitudes and behavior are virtually no different than those of non-Christians. Josh McDowell documents the urgency of the crisis but also provides a fresh revelation of the heart of God through seven lifelong responses of a true follower of Christ - a definitive "Christianity 101."

    By: Josh McDowell

    Publisher: Green Key Books

    About the Author

    The purpose of Josh McDowell Ministry is serving others until the whole world hears about Jesus.

    Josh McDowell Ministry, a division of Cru, serves to multiply disciples until the whole world knows that the Christian faith is reliable, relational and relevant to their lives. The Ministry serves students, parents, leaders, churches and virtual movements through the production of innovative events and cutting edge ministry resources in the heart languages of people everywhere.


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