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  • Transforming the Difficult Child

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    About this Book

    Transforming the Difficult Child brings to life a new way of shifting intense children to a solid life of success. The Nurtured Heart Approach puts a refreshing spin on both parenting and teaching and reveals new techniques and strategies that create thoroughly positive behaviors. It takes readers through the entire process of learning this remarkable approach through a combination of explanation and examples. Perfect for any parent or professional.

    By: Howard Glasser

    Publisher: Nurtured Heart Publications

    About the Author

    Howard Glasser is the Chairman of the Board of the Children's Success Foundation and creator of The Nurtured Heart Approach®. He is dedicated to awakening the greatness in all children and in particular the world's intense and challenging children.

    The approach's core methodologies, which were born out of his extensive clinical work, effectively inspire difficult children to channel their intensity in successful ways. Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of parents, educators, and treatment and child-advocacy agencies have used this approach with great results.

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