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  • Your Heritage

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    About this Book

    Your Heritage: How to Be Intentional About the Legacy You Leave

    Your Heritage shows you how to be intentional about leaving a heritage for your children. This book teaches how to strengthen your roots by understanding the heritage you were given and charting a new course for the future by building a positive heritage for yourself, your children, and coming generations.

    By: Kurt Bruner, J. Otis Ledbetter

    Publisher: Heritage Builder Books

    About the Authors

    Kurt Bruner has written over twenty non-fiction books with combined sales of over 700,000 copies and three dystopian novels authored in collaboration with Dr. James Dobson.

    J. Otis Ledbetter lives in Clovis, California. He is senior pastor of Sonrise Church and cofounder of the Heritage Builders Association, a ministry of Focus on the Family. He has authored six books, including "Your Heritage "and "Spiritual Milestones," He and his wife, Gail, have three children and eight grandchildren.

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