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  • I'll Hold You in Heaven

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    About this Book

    What happened to my baby after she died? Will I ever see her again---or recognize her? Why did God let this tragedy happen? What if I've had an abortion? Drawing from concrete passages in Scripture, Hayford offers compassionate, reassuring answers for parents who've lost children through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or early infant death.

    Jack Hayford provides compassionate answers to troubling questions for those who have lost a baby. The freeing truth of the Word of God promises that, like David, you will hold your child again in heaven.


    By: Jack Hayford  

    Publisher: Chosen Books


    About the Author

    Jack Hayford is founding pastor of The Church On The Way, chancellor of The King's University (formerly The King's College and Seminary) in Los Angeles, which he founded in 1997. 

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