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  • Losing Megan

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    About this Book

    Losing Megan: Finding Hope, Comfort and Forgiveness in the Midst of Murder

    Tom Kohl, a judge, relates how God changed his life through the living Jesus Christ; how God could take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph. Only through the power of the living God could Tom come to forgive the man who brutally murdered his daughter. This story also reveals how drug court, an intensive treatment program, was birthed out of Tom's heart for drug addicts, offering second, third, and fourth chances in the criminal justice system. This is the true story of finding hope, comfort, and forgiveness in the midst of the darkness of drug addiction and ultimately the murder of Tom's daughter.


    By: Tom Kohl

    Publisher: WestBowPress


    About the Author

    Tom Kohl was appointed as Judge to the Washington County Circuit Court, State of Oregon, on April 28, 1997. He was the Presiding Judge from 2006 to 2010. He was President of the Oregon Circuit Court Judges' Association from 2010-11 and is currently in the criminal and civil trial rotation for the state court. Tom's daughter, Megan, was brutally murdered on July 21, 2006. About one year prior to Megan's death, he helped to establish the first adult drug court in Washington County. He has been presiding over the drug court since the beginning. Drug court is an intensive treatment court that combines the criminal justice system with a community effort to change the lives of drug addicts. Tom lives with his wife, Julie, in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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