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  • Every Young Woman's Battle Workbook

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    About this Book

    A 8-Week Workbook for Withstanding the Greatest Pressure Young Women Have Ever Faced.

    Maybe you’ve seen images of women on TV, in movies, or in magazines and thought, I’ll never look like thateven while suspecting that women with self-respect and integrity shouldn’t even try to look that way. Perhaps you’ve felt the discomfort that comes when a guy wants you to go farther than you know is right. Possibly you feel that you’ve been robbed of your purity.

    In today’s sexually charged world, it’s easy to compromise in lots of little ways–only to discover that you’ve given away something you don’t know how to get back. In the Every Young Woman’s Battle Workbook–easy to use on your own or in a group–you’ll find 8 practical, biblical lessons to help you to really guard your body, mind and heart. You’ll…
    • learn how the sexual battle begins in your heart and mind
    • understand your hunger for attention from guys
    • explore what God has to say about sexuality and sex
    • recognize and avoid the potential pitfalls awaiting on your journey toward adulthood and possibly marriage
    • find out how the media, novels, fashion, internet chat rooms, and body and beauty obsessions influence your sexual choices–and what you can do about it
    • develop a deeper, more satisfying level of intimacy with God 

    Now is the time to stand strong. Learn how to protect yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually–and how to get your need for love met in positive, healthy ways that leave you truly satisfied–with the Every Young Woman’s Battle Workbook.

    By: Shannon Ethridge, Stephen Arterburn 
    Publisher:WaterBrook Press

    About the Authors

    Shannon Ethridge is a million-copy best-selling author and international conference speaker. Since 1989 she has counseled thousands of students, women, and married couples on sexual integrity and intimacy, and has been a frequent speaker in church and college settings. She lives in east Texas with her biggest cheerleaders--her husband of 20 years, Greg, and their two teenage children, Erin and Matthew.

    Stephen Arterburn is founder and chairman of New Life Clinics, host of the daily New Life Live! national radio program, creator of the Women of Faith Conferences, a nationally known speaker, and the best-selling author  of more than two dozen books, including the award-winning Every Young Man's Battle with coauthor Fred Stoeker.

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