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  • Jesus Among Other Gods

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    About this Book

    You can't be friends with God if the God you believe in doesn't really exist.

    You can't depend on God if your God is a figment of your imagination.

    In a world full of gods, how do you know Jesus is real?

    You have probably heard things like:

    • All religions lead to the same God.
    • All faiths teach the same things.
    It doesn't matter what you believe-just that you believe sincerely. But Jesus said that:
    • He alone is the way to God.
    • He alone shows us the truth of who God is.
    • He alone gives us life close to God.
    In this youth edition of Jesus Among Other Gods, Ravi Zacharias gives solid evidence as to why we should choose Jesus Christ as THE God among all other gods. Zacharias contrasts the truth of Jesus with the founders of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, providing strong descriptions of each faith and solid defenses for the cause of Christ. In addition to the religion comparisons, the book answers questions such as: "What about all the hypocrites at church?" "How scientific is science?" "How can you best share what you believe?" and "Does the Bible teach reincarnation?" You can never be too young to learn how to defend your faith . . . and this book will tell you exactly how to do just that!

    By: Ravi Zacharias 

    Publisher: Thomas Nelson

    About the Author

    Ravi Zacharias is President and Founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). Their global outreach grew from humble roots in 1984 and includes fielding a team of itinerant speakers who operate from offices located around the world including the U.S., the UK, Romania, the Middle East, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada. The Hallmark of Ravi’s heart is his strong evangelistic and apologetic that manifests itself from a position of compassion.

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