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  • Teknon and the Champion Warriors

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    About this Book

    The future of Basileia is at stake. Magos and his empire threaten to seize control of Teknon's planet. Basileia's only hope lies in the power of the CHAMPION Warriors. They must find a way to stop Magos and retrieve the Logos. Young Teknon accompanies his father, Kratos, and the other warriors on this critical mission, where he learns that the CHAMPION Warriors' power goes far beyond extraordinary weapons and fighting techniques. Will Teknon discover what it takes to be a true CHAMPION time? Before Tekon can join the warriors in the adventure of his life, he must face a series of challenges and confront his own weaknesses and fears. With his father's help, Teknon discovers what it takes to be a true CHAMPION Warrior.Raise sons with courage, honor, integrity, and mental toughness using this fast-paced futuristic adventure!

    By: Brent Sapp

    Illustrator: Sergio Cariello

    Publisher: Generations of Virtue

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