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  • Beautiful Threads

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    About this Book

    Beautiful Threads: Pieces of Encouragement for Quilters

    Quilters understand with every stitch how God can make even scraps wonderfully new and striking with a little time, imagination, and love. Now, in Beautiful Threads, Mary Tatem pieces quilters' spiritual insights and stories into a uniquely-crafted devotional that features twelve of the most beloved and recognizable quilt patterns in America. Readers will discover the historical background of each pattern and be enchanted by the beautiful line art and spiritual reflections on faith, creativity, gratitude, patience, hope, and more. With the turn of every page, readers will see the intricate threads of God's work in the lives of his people. They also will find a new way to think about God-as the One who pieces together all of the mismatched pieces of their lives into a glorious whole. Encouragement, inspiration, and celebration await readers as they discover that, in God's design, even the smallest scraps or most frayed fragments can be fashioned into something new, complete, comfort-giving, and beautiful.


    By: Mary Tatem 

    Publisher: Revell


    About the Author

    Mary Tatem is an author, Bible school teacher, Girl Scout leader, PTA leader, mom of four, and grandmother of fifteen. She speaks to women's groups and at churches on marriage, family relationships, and the grace of God. Her first book on quilting has sold more than 90,000 copies since October 2000. She lives in Newport News, Virginia.



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