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  • Meet Me in the Meadow

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    About this Book

    Meet Me in the Meadow: Finding God in the Wildflowers

    In the 19th century, many readers looked to botanical literature for information about the complexity of the natural world, which they believed God had created in its infinite diversity. This gentle book harkens back to that tradition, merging detailed botanical illustrations with careful descriptions of the history, lore and spiritual connotations of 36 types of wildflowers. These plants, Hedstrom-Page says, "don't preach sermons, shout praises, or quote Scripture. But the Lord designed their patterns." She begins each chapter with a brief description of the flower, from yarrow and pond lily to bull thistle and dandelion. A section called "My Wonderings" chronicles her own thoughts and struggles (which sometimes don't seem immediately relevant to the flower in question); that segues into a section called "Your Wanderings," inviting readers to venture forth in nature to search for the flower. Throughout, Hedstrom-Page offers helpful practical suggestions on planting, drying and preserving the blooms. Kevin Ingram's beautifully intricate black-and-white illustrations provide a lovely, old-world visual image of each flower.


    By: Deborah Hedstrom-Page 

    Publisher: Revell


    About the Author

    Deborah Hedstrom-Page is the author of many books. She speaks at women’s events and also teaches writing. After fifteen years of widowhood and raising four children as a single parent, Hedstrom-Page recently married a pastor and lives in Springfield, Oregon.


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