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  • Never the Same: An Autobiography

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    About this Book

    "Dear God, what have I done?" Those were the first words I whispered when I awakened from my abortion. They'd told me the procedure was "no big deal" and "you'll be okay." They were wrong. Aborting my baby was a big deal, and afterward I was never the same . . . At first, Gayle Everhart tries to rationalize her abortion with, "God will forgive me. I can make it up to Him." But she grew up in a Christian home and gave her heart to Jesus at a young age. The eighteen-year-old knows her decision to have an abortion to escape her dilemma is wrong. It is no "easy fix" like she'd hoped. Her decision turns out to be more emotionally complex and guilt-ridden than she ever imagined. She can't move on. Her past affects her eventual marriage, her children, and how she sees herself. She can't shake off her guilt no matter how hard she tries. After seventeen years of nightmares, depression, and thoughts of suicide, God reaches down and leads Gayle to the Pregnancy Resource Centers, where a post-abortion healing group proves to be life-altering. Gayle eventually comes "full-circle" and, after earning her degree in nursing, returns to PRC to minister to young, frightened, pregnant women. She knows. She's been where they are. Never the Same follows Gayle's life journey from desperation to the joy of experiencing God's amazing grace and Jesus' precious blood. In spite of hardships and obstacles, God is faithful to bring His plan for Gayle's life to fruition. Hers is an incredible story of God's tender mercy and love.


    By:Gayle Everhart 

    Publisher: Trusted Books

    About the Author

    Gayle Everhart is a registered nurse on staff with the Pregnancy Resource Centers in Portland, Oregon. She has served as an ultrasound nurse there for the past eight years. Gayle and her husband have been married for thirty-three years. They have two married children and four grandchildren. 

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