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  • What Kids Need Most in a Mom

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    About this Book

    Superman is pure fiction.  

    So what makes us think that "supermom" isn't?

    With hope, honesty, and humor, What Kids Need Most in a Mom shows you how you can make the most of the love, talents, responsibilities, and frailties that God gave you as you mother your children. This helpful book focuses on essential motherhood know-how, such as

    •trusting sons and daughters to God's care
    •instilling forgiveness in children
    •getting out of the "guilt factory"
    •celebrating life
    •sharing important discoveries with kids 

    This insightful book will help you focus on what matters most when raising children. This edition includes a new introduction from the author. 

    Patricia H. Rushford is a mother, a grandmother, and an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction for both children and adults. She is coauthor of the bestselling Emotional Phases of a Woman's Lifeand author of many other books. Rushford is also a registered nurse, counselor, and speaker. She lives in Washington.


    By: Patricia H. Rushford 

    Publisher: Revell 


    About the Author

    Patricia H. Rushford, a mother of two and a grandmother of nine, is an award-winning writer of childrens fiction. She is co-author of the best-selling Emotional Phases of a Womans Life and author of Have You Hugged Your Teenager Today, The Jack and Jill Syndrome, and several other books. Rushford is also a registered nurse, potter, counselor, and speaker.

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