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Genesis is a book about beginnings.

It moves from the morning of the world to the ordering of families and nations to the birthing of the fathers and mothers of Israel. The ancestral stories begin with Abraham and Sarah and continue with Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah/Rachel, and the sons of Jacob, focusing on Joseph.

While God was there "in the beginning," Genesis also testifies to the beginnings of God's activity in the world. It is a new day for God, too. And, given the divine commitment to the creation, God will never be the same again.

Rich Jones - Senior Pastor
Speaker Rich Jones — Senior Pastor

Weekend Messages

Genesis 1:1-5 In the Beginning 3/11/2018 View
Genesis 3:1-13 Learning to Stand 3/18/2018 View
Genesis 4:1-13 The Countenance of Cain 4/8/2018 View
Genesis 6:1-13 As in the Days of Noah 4/15/2018 View
Genesis 11:1-9 The City of Man 4/29/2018 View
Genesis 12:1-7 The Father of Faith 5/6/2018 View
Genesis 15:1-18 Growing in Faith 5/12/2018 View
Genesis 17:1-19 El Shaddai: The All Sufficient One 5/20/2018 View
Genesis 18:1-16 Learning to Walk by Faith 5/27/2018 View
Genesis 22:1-19 Victorious Faith 6/10/2018 View
Genesis 27:1-29 The Power of a Blessing 6/17/2018 View
Genesis 28:1-22 Transformation at Heaven’s Gate 6/24/2018 View
Genesis 32:22-32 Wrestling with God 7/1/2018 View
Genesis 34:30-38 Run to the House of God 7/8/2018 View
Genesis 39:19-40:8 The School of Adversity 7/15/2018 View
Genesis 41:50-57 A Time to Forget 8/12/2018 View

Mid-Week Messages

Genesis 1:1-2:25 3/14/2018 View
Genesis 3:1-24 3/21/2018 View
Genesis 4:1-5:24 3/28/2018 View
Genesis 5:25-7:24 4/4/2018 View
Genesis 8:1-9:29 4/11/2018 View
Genesis 10:1-12:3 4/18/2018 View
Genesis 12:4-13:4 4/25/2018 View
Genesis 13:5-14:24 5/2/2018 View
Genesis 15:1-21 5/9/2018 View
Genesis 16:1-17:27 5/16/2018 View
Genesis 18:1-19:38 5/23/2018 View
Genesis 20:1-21:34 5/30/2018 View
Genesis 22:1-24:21 6/6/2018 View
Genesis 24:22-67 6/13/2018 View
Genesis 25:1-26:14 6/20/2018 View
Genesis 26:14-27:46 6/27/2018 View
Genesis 28:1-31:3 7/11/2018 View
Genesis 31:4-32:31 7/18/2018 View
Genesis 33:1-34:31 7/25/2018 View
Genesis 35:1-36:43 8/8/2018 View
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