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Leviticus is a book of law that demonstrates a concern with many different aspects of daily life.

It contains detailed laws regulating the offering of sacrifices, the duties of priests, the liturgical calendar, the sexual, dietary, and economic practices of the Israelites, and many other issues of ritual and moral holiness. Set at Mount Sinai in the time before the wilderness wanderings, Leviticus offers the children of Israel instructions on how to live as a people set apart by God, a people called to "be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy" (19:2).

Rich Jones - Senior Pastor
Speaker Rich Jones — Senior Pastor

Weekend Messages

Leviticus 9:22-10:11 The Fire Within 5/12/2019 View
Leviticus 14:1-7 Free as a Bird 6/2/2019 View
Leviticus 16:3-10 There is Power in the Blood 6/9/2019 View
Leviticus 17:5-14 There is Power in the Blood - 2 6/17/2019 View
Leviticus 18:1-5 Because the Lord is Your God 6/23/2019 View
Leviticus 19:9-18 Because the Lord is Your God - 2 6/30/2019 View
Leviticus 22:29-33 The Power of Gratitude 7/14/2019 View
Leviticus 25:8-19 The Promise of Jubilee 7/21/2019 View
Leviticus 26:1-13 The Way of Greatest Blessing 7/28/2019 View

Mid-Week Messages

Leviticus 1:1-3:17 5/8/2019 View
Leviticus 4:1-6:12 5/15/2019 View
Leviticus 6:13-7:30 6/5/2019 View
Leviticus 7:31-10:11 6/12/2019 View
Leviticus 10:12-12:8 6/19/2019 View
Leviticus 13:1-14:32 6/26/2019 View
Leviticus 14:33-15:33 7/3/2019 View
Leviticus 16:1-17:16 7/10/2019 View
Leviticus 18:1-19:18 7/17/2019 View
Leviticus 19:19-20:27 7/24/2019 View
Leviticus 21:1-22:33 7/31/2019 View
Leviticus 23:1-44 8/28/2019 View
Leviticus 24:1-25:41 9/4/2019 View
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