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The Gospel of Matthew tells the story of Jesus the Messiah whose signal genealogy and miraculous birth are the sign and promise that "God is with us" (1:23). Jesus the Messiah proclaims God's continuing righteous reign in his words of blessing and deeds of healing. Jesus calls his followers to experience God's mercy anew, constitutes them as a new community of faith, and then, as crucified and resurrected Messiah, claims all power and authority as he commissions these disciples for mission with the promise that he will be with them until the end of the age (28:18-20).

Matthew Dodd - Associate Pastor
Speaker Matthew Dodd — Associate Pastor

Weekend Messages

Matthew 1:1-17 Name Above All Names 3/11/2018 View
Matthew 1:18-25 God With Us 3/18/2018 View
Matthew 2:1-23 Revealer of Hearts 4/8/2018 View
Matthew 3:1-17 Make Ready the Way 4/15/2018 View
Matthew 4:1-11 When Tempation Comes a Knocking 4/29/2018 View
Matthew 5:1-12 The Attitude Adjuster 5/13/2018 View
Matthew 5:13-16 Let Your Salt Shine 5/20/2018 View
Matthew 5:17-20 The B-I-B-L-E 5/27/2018 View
Matthew 5:21-26 A More Excellent Way 6/3/2018 View
Matthew 5:27-30 Be Careful Little Eyes 6/17/2018 View
Matthew 5:33-37 Promises, Promises 6/24/2018 View
Matthew 5:38-48 Love Wins 7/1/2018 View
Matthew 6:1-18 Secret but Seen 7/15/2018 View
Matthew 6:19-34 First 8/5/2018 View
Matthew 7:1-12 Our Father's Heart 8/12/2018 View
Matthew 7:13-29 Rock Solid 8/19/2018 View
Matthew 8:1-17 Jesus Our Healer 9/2/2018 View
Matthew 8:23-34 Jesus Our Deliverer 9/9/2018 View
Matthew 9:1-17 Jesus Our Savior 9/16/2018 View
Matthew 9:18-26 Jesus Our Hope 9/23/2018 View
Matthew 9:27-34 Jesus Our Light 9/30/2018 View
Matthew 9:35-10:4 More Like Jesus 10/14/2018 View
Matthew 10:24-42 I Have Decided 10/21/2018 View
Matthew 11:1-19 Expectations 11/4/2018 View
Matthew 11:20-30 Finding Rest 11/11/2018 View
Matthew 12:1-21 Jesus, Lord of All 11/18/2018 View
Matthew 12:38-50 Give Me A Sign 12/9/2018 View
Matthew 13:1-23 The Soil of the Heart 12/16/2018 View
Matthew 13:24-43 The Kingdom of Heaven 1/6/2019 View
Matthew 13:44-58 Eternally Loved 1/13/2019 View
Matthew 14:13-21 In Jesus' Hands 1/20/2019 View
Matthew 14:22-36 Strengthened by the Storm 1/27/2019 View
Matthew 15:1-20 Matters of the Heart 2/3/2019 View
Matthew 15:21-28 Great Faith 2/17/2019 View
Matthew 15:29-16:12 The Sign from Heaven 2/24/2019 View
Matthew 16:13-20 The Question 3/3/2019 View
Matthew 16:21-28 Following Jesus 3/10/2019 View
Matthew 17:1-13 Glory 3/17/2019 View
Matthew 17:14-21 Mountain Moving Faith 3/24/2019 View
Matthew 18:1-14 Greatness Gods Way 3/31/2019 View
Matthew 18:15-35 Forgiveness 5/5/2019 View
Matthew 19:1-12 One 5/12/2019 View
Matthew 19:13-30 Enter Into Life 5/19/2019 View
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