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For adults ages 18-29 years of age. These groups gather in different homes in the Hillsboro area during the week to eat a meal, get to know new people, and study Scripture. These groups will also participate in different “hang-out” activities during the year, as well as serving in the community.

MONDAY – Ongoing, 6:30PM
Young Adult Guys Group (Young Adult Men)
In this group, we will be studying the fundamentals of who Jesus is, the Gospel, and what it means to follow Him.  We will go through a variety of stories in the Bible where we see how Jesus interacts with people, and how they respond to Him. This will be sure to encourage new Christ-followers and those who have been Christians for many years. Growing together in love, spirit, and truth through the Word of God.
Leader: Kevin Huggins
Study Materials: Bible
Location: Huggins Home in Beaverton

THURSDAY – Ongoing, 7:00PM
Women’s Missional Community (Young Adult Women)
Join us for a time of fellowship, study, and discussion centered on God’s word.  We will cover various topics (Fear, salvation, marriage, conflict resolution…) found in Scripture and how they apply to our lives today. Come and join us!
Leader: Mandie Ehlers
Study Materials: Bible
Location: Calvary Chapel


Roan Ehlers Contact Leader
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