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Please pray for my daughter. She suspects that she might have stomach cancer.

Prayer sent June-28-2022


Please pray for a good friend's father who is in the ER after falling unconscious. 

Prayer sent June-28-2022


Please pray for my brother. He is in intensive care and given a 50/50 chance of survival. He has multiple things going on, one of which is sepsis. He needs salvation, he can't accept that it's all about faith.

Prayer sent June-28-2022

Hannahrose - Hillsboro

I have been diagnosed with melanoma, I am very scared but trying my hardest to trust in God no matter what happens. Please pray for strength.

Prayer sent June-23-2022


Praise report. Praise the Lord He has granted me my prayer request for my daughter and grandson glory to his name. Thank you for your prayers. 

Prayer sent June-21-2022

Prestone - Philippines

Let us intercede that Christians will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and there will be breakthrough in our churches.

Prayer sent June-14-2022


I pray that my mom will accept my relationship and open her heart to my fiancé.

Prayer sent June-11-2022

Kathy - Fleming Island, Florida

Please pray for a newly formed church in Florida, that God will continue to bless us.

Prayer sent June-10-2022

Margaret - Washington

Father God, in the mighty name of Jesus ,I pray that my daughter and son in law would be reconciled and that my grandson would return to Oregon.

Prayer sent June-09-2022

Alison - Hillsboro

Please pray for 5 year old Tristan, he has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Please also pray for peace and comfort for his family

Prayer sent June-09-2022


Praying for restoring many things we have broken including God's heart.. for provisions for living but giving to those in need. 

Prayer sent June-08-2022


Update on Barbra C...all went well today with the procedure looks like the Pancreas hole on top is larger than usual which will get taken care of. Thank you. 

Prayer sent June-07-2022


Please pray God will provide me with an income for my artwork. I tried for so long. 

Prayer sent June-06-2022


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