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Our daughter will be safe driving to and from downtown Portland today. Our daughter can be a light to her mentor and office staff.

Prayer sent May-18-2023


My father-in-law is having eye surgery today and I would like prayer for him that everything goes well and no infections. He is almost 90 years old.

Prayer sent May-18-2023

Ben - Kansas City

I seek prayer for repentance of vanity, pride, anxiety, social anxiety, anger, bitterness, and any form of deceit as well as deliverance for myself. 

Prayer sent May-17-2023


Please pray for healing for my 8-year-old daughter. Pray that her surgery and healing go perfectly. It is to help her spine grow straight.

Prayer sent May-09-2023

Francisco - Beaverton

Dear Church, my mom was taken to emergency today. Her pulse is low today. Pray she stabilizes & recovers from a brain stroke she had 3 weeks ago.

Prayer sent May-09-2023

Anonymous - oregon

Please pray for God to rescue and deliver a friend from bondage and sin, and restore his relationship with God and his wife. Thank you!

Prayer sent May-06-2023


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