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Please pray for a friend who is struggling with addiction and has started outpatient rehab. Praying God's strength over her.

Prayer sent October-19-2021

Cecelia - banks

Prayer for Jerry & Robyn. Jerry has COVID and is on a ventilator with 50/50 chance of survival.

Prayer sent October-17-2021


Please pray for my uncle. He had been having strokes lately, and had a grand mal seizure while at church this morning & is being life flighted.

Prayer sent October-17-2021

Tim - Hillsboro

Dear Calvary Family - My fiance's 86 year old mother had a stroke this morning and had surgery on her brain to remove the clot. Please pray for her.

Prayer sent October-16-2021

Justin's Friends

Please pray for Justin and his family. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer.

Prayer sent October-16-2021


Please pray for my daughter and her family with COVID. 

Prayer sent October-15-2021


Please pray for a friend who is recovering from COVID and has been in  ICU for 5 weeks. 

Prayer sent October-13-2021


Please pray for my adult son who is homeless. 

Prayer sent October-12-2021


Please pray for direction and God's provision as our family is prayerful in what to do next.   

Prayer sent October-10-2021

Iton - Hillsboro

Please pray for Donna who was taken to the ER at St Vincent due to breathing problems. Thank God the Covid test was negative. It could be pneumonia.

Prayer sent September-24-2021


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