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Please pray for my daughter who is suffering from illness and trying to get her children back. Please pray for my son,brother, and nephew.  Prayer sent 06-01-2018

Rob - Beaverton

Please pray for my coworker Barry and family who saw a Doc last week and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for a brain tumor. Prayer sent 05-28-2018


Please pray for those that are lonely and struggling during this season. Prayer sent 01-03-2018

Anonymous - Banks

Husband (Carl) diagnosed with cancer. Please pray CT scan today, done for staging the size and extent of tumor, will show low number. Prayer sent 01-03-2018


Please pray for my husband Carl hospitalize with urinary and blood infection as a result of a prostate biopsy. Need healing and wisdom for proper treatment. Prayer sent 01-03-2018


Please pray for my son struggling with addiction to pain pills after he needed them post surgery. Prayer for getting off them. Prayer sent 01-03-2018


Please pray for Robert's boss who is recovering from pacemaker memory care and prayer for coming home to his family. Please pray for Leah Marie. Prayer sent 01-03-2018


Please pray for my son who struggles with mental illness. Prayer sent 01-03-2018

Anonymous - Hillsboro

Please pray that my brother-in-law will respond positively to the experimental treatment of his serious kidney disease. Prayer sent 01-03-2018

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