Calvary Updates

September 15, 2023

Dear church family,

I’ve been excited all week to teach Psalm 16 this weekend. This is one of the golden Psalms that is filled with deepest treasure. I encourage you to join us this weekend as I’ll be teaching “The Joy of the Lord is Victory!” from Psalm 16. The insight and depth that David shares in this Psalm is truly amazing. It also speaks directly to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. God will use these verses to strengthen your faith and give the joy of the Lord that brings victory.

I also invite you to dinner before the Saturday evening service. Dinner will be available at 6 PM and service begins at 7 PM each Saturday. Dinners are great opportunities for fellowship and connecting. Building relationships strengthens the church! Saturday evening service is the same message and worship as Sunday morning services. Come join us for a great meal and being fed in the word of God!

I also want to encourage you to join us for the Sunday evening service as Pastor Jean will be continue in the book of Romans. Join us as he will be teaching, “Grow Strong in Faith” out of Romans 5. Come and be blessed with a time in God’s word with Pastor Jean. Join us for dinner at 5 PM and service at 6 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Serving in Christ,
Rich Jones, Senior Pastor