My Brother’s Keeper

Men – We are a diverse band of brothers continuously building our relationship and understanding of who we are in Christ through mentorship, prayer, embracing God’s Word, and holding each other accountable.

Study Material: Bible

Join other like-minded men as we have fellowship, pray together, and study God’s Word. We are currently studying Proverbs. Our goals will be to develop a deeper relationship with God, encourage each other to live for Christ in our daily lives, and model Christ as the spiritual leaders of our families.

Study Materials: Bible

This is a support group that assists men in their pursuit of health, sexuality, and deeper relationships, as we encourage each other and share our struggles with complete honesty. It is a safe and confidential environment where we allow grace, not shame, to motivate growth and healing. Each meeting opens and closes with prayer, and accountability is shared each week. We use educational curriculum and there is a small amount of homework between meetings. There is a small monthly fee to belong to the group.

FMO – For Men Only is an intra-church ministry which comes alongside churches to assist and bring help to church leadership. It is a purity ministry engaging with churches here on the westside. There are over 20 groups presently in the area. FMO is part of Pure Life Alliance which is an umbrella group for 3 ministries; including Hidden Hurt for women who are spouses of men struggling with pornography addiction and also Transparent Love, for women caught up in sexual addictions.

Contact: Shawn Dean (503-642-2003) for days/times and location or visit for more information.

We will be spending 20 weeks going through Paul’s letter to the Romans. Romans is the single book of the Bible containing the very essence of the Christian faith clearly emphasizing our total depravity, Christ’s salvation through faith, our new life, our struggles in the flesh, the role of the Holy Spirit, our wonderful position “in Christ”, the role of Israel and predestination, and our conduct in the church. No other book of the Bible has all these topics together all at once, and it’s no wonder that the Reformation focused on Romans. Do not be overwhelmed by the topic itself, for by studying it, you will realize greater freedom in Christ and the Holy Spirit that you never even knew existed! This growth group utilizes a unique format with multiple teachers as part of the discipleship process enabling a variety of viewpoints to build up the men of Calvary Chapel. We worship, we teach and discuss, and we pray together as part of our fellowship.

Study Material: Bible