Friday Morning Men’s Group

If Friday mornings are a good time for you to meet with other men for encouragement and Bible study, this group may be just what you are looking for. We are an ongoing group that transitions between the Old and New Testaments. This term we will be working our way through the Gospel of Luke. We would be glad to have you join us as we pray for and encourage each other, as Paul said to the Corinthians, to be spiritually alert, stand firm in our faith, act like men, and be strong through our faith in Jesus Christ.

Study Material: Bible

Men – We are a diverse band of brothers continuously building our relationship and understanding of who we are in Christ through mentorship, prayer, embracing God’s Word, and holding each other accountable.

Study Material: Bible

Followers of Jesus are called to grow and become disciples and then make disciples. The heart of “Multiply” is to help and equip you to grow. Iron sharpening iron, men sharing, growing, sharpening other men. Sign up to be in a group of 2 to 3 men with a mentor. Already 40 men signed up at the men’s steak dinner – don’t miss it! Matthew 28:19-20.

Join other Christian men for study and breakfast as we seek to apply the teachings of Jesus to our lives. We are currently studying Proverbs and will be moving on to Ecclesiastes.

Study Materials: Bible

This is a support group that assists men in their pursuit of health, sexuality, and deeper relationships, as we encourage each other and share our struggles with complete honesty. It is a safe and confidential environment where we allow grace, not shame, to motivate growth and healing. Each meeting opens and closes with prayer, and accountability is shared each week. We use educational curriculum and there is a small amount of homework between meetings. There is a small monthly fee to belong to the group.

FMO – For Men Only is an intra-church ministry which comes alongside churches to assist and bring help to church leadership. It is a purity ministry engaging with churches here on the westside. There are over 20 groups presently in the area. FMO is part of Pure Life Alliance which is an umbrella group for 3 ministries; including Hidden Hurt for women who are spouses of men struggling with pornography addiction and also Transparent Love, for women caught up in sexual addictions.

Contact: Shawn Dean (503-642-2003) for days/times and location or visit for more information.

Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias is one of the foundational books for apologetics and part of the FIVE YEAR plan for Men’s Discipleship. The primary focus of this book is 1 Peter 3:15 –> always being ready to give an answer (apologia) for our hope that we have. Not someone else’s hope, but YOUR hope! We have 14 chapters of this book written by various authors having the great apologist Ravi Zacharias as the general editor. There’s a lot to learn and this will strengthen your faith significantly!

This growth group utilizes a unique format with multiple teachers as part of the discipleship process enabling a variety of viewpoints to build up the men of Calvary Chapel. Discipleship is for everyone: the new believer, the milk drinker, the one who seeks the “beef brisket of the Word”, and the faithful men who have been taking in their beef brisket and want to do it better. We worship, we teach and discuss, and we pray together as part of our fellowship.

We have special events: Summer camping and visits to Portland Rescue Mission plus every Thursday starting in June is a BURGER THURSDAY where we have BURGER fellowship starting 6pm.

Study materials: Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias (Amazon and others)