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The Gospel of John begins by announcing that God's Word, which brought all things into being, became flesh in Jesus of Nazareth. During his ministry, Jesus reveals the power of God by performing seven miraculous signs, including turning water into wine, healing the sick, and raising the dead. In his preaching he identifies himself as the bread of life, the light of the world, and the good shepherd. Through his crucifixion, Jesus lays down his life, giving God's love to the world. By rising from the dead he shows that those who believe in him have everlasting life.

Rich Jones - Senior Pastor
Speaker Rich Jones — Senior Pastor

Weekend Messages

John 1:1-13 That You Might Have Life 4/7/2013 View
John 1:35-51 What the Soul Seeks 4/14/2013 View
John 2:1-11 The Best is Yet to Come 4/21/2013 View
John 3:1-17 Born of the Spirit 4/28/2013 View
John 4:1-30 Water for the Thirsty Soul 5/5/2013 View
John 4:46-5:9 Believe and Have Life 5/12/2013 View
John 5:1-24 From Death to Life 5/26/2013 View
John 5:24-29 From Death to Eternal Life 6/2/2013 View
John 6:1-15 Growing in Faith 6/9/2013 View
John 6:15-21 Perfecting Storms 6/23/2013 View
John 6:22-71 Food that Endures 6/30/2013 View
John 8:1-11 Caught in the Act 7/14/2013 View
John 8:12-59 Truly Free 7/21/2013 View
John 9:1-41 Why is there Suffering? 7/28/2013 View
John 10:1-11 The Sheep Hear His Voice 8/4/2013 View
John 10:9-18 Living Life to the Full 8/11/2013 View
John 11:1-46 Believe and Have Life 8/18/2013 View
John 12:1-11 Extravagant Love 8/25/2013 View
John 12:20-50 Bearing Much Fruit 9/1/2013 View
John 13:1-17 How to Get Really Blessed 9/8/2013 View
John 13:21-38 Love One Another 9/15/2013 View
John 14:1-17 Hope for Troubled Hearts 9/22/2013 View
John 14:15-27 Peace that Jesus Gives 9/29/2013 View
John 15:1-11 The Joy of Bearing Fruit 10/6/2013 View
John 16:1-15 We Need the Helper 10/13/2013 View
John 17:1-26 The Prayer of Jesus 11/10/2013 View
John 18:1-40 Peter and Pilate 11/17/2013 View
John 19:1-30 Famous Last Words 11/24/2013 View
John 19:31-20:8 The Resurrection Factor 12/8/2013 View
John 20:19-31 Thomas the Believer 12/15/2013 View
John 21:1-22 An Invitation to Love 1/5/2014 View
John 6:15-21 Perfecting Storms 3/5/2017 View
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