The book of Nehemiah is Narrative History. Nehemiah authored it at about 430 B.C. Key personalities include Nehemiah, Ezra, Sanballat, and Tobiah. Nehemiah wrote it to records the events of returning to Jerusalem and rebuilding the walls in 445 B.C.

Jerusalem had a temple but there was no protection for the city from further attack. Nehemiah travels to Jerusalem and uses his leadership skill to rally a citywide construction crew. Within a few weeks, the walls around Jerusalem were built and standing tall and their enemies lost their confidence.

Rich Jones - Senior Pastor
Speaker Rich Jones — Senior Pastor

Weekend Messages

Nehemiah 4:1-17 Rise up and Build 03/19/2023 View
Nehemiah 8:1-18 The Joy of the Lord is Strength 03/26/2023 View
Nehemiah 9:12-21 Declaring the Glory 05/07/2023 View
Nehemiah 13:15-31 Set Apart for Revival 05/14/2023 View

Mid-Week Messages

Nehemiah 1:1-4:9 03/08/2023 View
Nehemiah 4:10-6:19 03/22/2023 View
Nehemiah 7:1-8:18 03/29/2023 View
Nehemiah 9:1-17 04/05/2023 View
Nehemiah 9:17-28 05/03/2023 View
Nehemiah 9:26-13:31 05/10/2023 View