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Jesus is our common ground, the foundation of our community. Join us as we seek to grow together in God's grace and love.

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"Please continue praying for Dave K as he recovers from mild heart attack and other medical issues. He is hoping to be released to go home."

— Anonymous - Hillsboro

Prayer sent 03-29-2017

"Pray for K's sister, just diagnosed with breast cancer."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 03-29-2017

"Pray provision, safety, and comfort for a young mother attempting to leave an abusive relationship and in a custody battle for the kids."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 03-29-2017

"Pray for young man who fell off skateboard cracking skull open near vertebra, that he will not have brain damage nor be paralyzed for life."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 03-29-2017

"Please pray for my dad who is having knee surgery tomorrow. He is on heart medication which could present a complication. Thanks! God bless!"

— Rebecca - Redmond, WA

Prayer sent 04-02-2017

"Pray for restoration of children and for me as student at Grand Canyon University for Masters of Divinity month."

— Mark

Prayer sent 04-03-2017

"Pray for my marriage to be everything God wants it to be."

— Aaron

Prayer sent 04-03-2017

"Please pray for Jeff R. He has been in ICU for months and really needs our prayers. Thank you! "

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-06-2017

"M had surgery yesterday to remove 3-1/2 liters of fluid from lung and had biopsy. Prognosis grim... months? Pray peace for M and wife."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-06-2017

"Please pray for my children to see and follow God's will for their life. They are fighting a spiritual battle at this time in their lives."

— Abby - La Grande

Prayer sent 04-06-2017

"My coworkers wife's heart issues and other med. problems. My family to come closer to Jesus. We all would spread the gospel."

— Rob - Beaverton, OR

Prayer sent 04-12-2017

"Pray for a young woman who is relocating, that she would find a new home."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-18-2017

"Pray for a young man going through alcohol withdrawal. He is committed to getting healthy and needs a lot of prayer for the pain."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-18-2017

"Praise report! Mike G and work team were laid off two weeks ago. He had three interviews last week and started a new job yesterday!"

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-18-2017

"Please pray for Cheryl's foot surgery on Friday, that all goes well and recovery is pain-free and quick!"

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-18-2017

"Praying for my marriage to be healed and that Emily will be restored fully back to the Lord and to each other. In Jesus Precious Name"

— Steve - Hillsboro

Prayer sent 04-18-2017

"Pray for a man in the church who was experiencing numbness in left arm and leg and has gone to ER."

— Anonymous

Prayer sent 04-20-2017

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Your prayer will appear on the list of recent prayers once it has been moderated and approved.


Prayer Times

Wednesday Evening Prayer (Women): This is a time when the women of our church gather in the Nursing Mother’s Room before the mid-week service and pray for the individual requests that come to the church each week. The meeting begins at 5pm and ends at 6pm.

Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting: Join us in the Prayer Room from 8:15am to 8:45am as we pray for the Sunday morning services and the needs within our church family.

Other Prayer Resources

Church Phone Number: (503) 642-2003

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