The Acts of the Apostles portrays Jesus’ followers from their days with the risen Jesus in Jerusalem to Paul’s mission in Rome. Initial chapters focus on the life of the early community of believers in Jerusalem and the work of the Holy Spirit among them. Called, inspired, and even driven by the Holy Spirit, the apostles spread the gospel throughout northern Mediterranean lands. The story of Paul’s call to spread the news of Jesus is the central emphasis of the second half of Acts. The final verse of Acts summarizes the book’s themes: welcome of all, bold proclamation and teaching about the kingdom of God, and God’s plan as unstoppable.

Jean Marais - Associate Pastor
Speaker Jean Marais — Associate Pastor

Sunday Messages

Acts 1:1-14 The Acts of the Holy Spirit 08/28/2022 View
Acts 2:1-22 Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit 09/04/2022 View
Acts 2:37-47 The Church God Desires 09/18/2022 View
Acts 3:1-10 Rise up and Walk 09/25/2022 View
Acts 3:11-26 Cling to Jesus 10/02/2022 View
Acts 4:1-31 Stand Firm in Adversity 10/09/2022 View
Acts 4:32-5:16 Live in Love and Truth 10/16/2022 View
Acts 5:12-42 Walk in an Effective Spiritual Life 10/30/2022 View
Acts 6:1-15 Be Empowered for Daily Life 11/06/2022 View
Acts 6:8-7:60 Living and Finishing Well 11/20/2022 View
Acts 8:1-40 Be Effective in Difficult Times 12/04/2022 View
Acts 9:1-31 Be Transformed by The Light 12/11/2022 View
Acts 10:1-23 The God-Seeking Heart 01/08/2023 View
Acts 10:23-48 God loves a Seeking Heart 01/15/2023 View
Acts 12:1-25 Trusting God in Troubled Times 01/22/2023 View
Acts 13:1-5 Living in God’s Calling and Purpose 02/05/2023 View
Acts 13:4-12 The Spiritual Battle for Hearts 03/26/2023 View
Acts 14:1-28 Live a God-Focused Life 05/07/2023 View
Acts 15:1-22 Hold Firm to Essential Things 05/14/2023 View
Acts 16:16-40 Praise in the Darkness 06/04/2023 View
Acts 17:16-34 Your Philosophy of Life 06/11/2023 View
Acts 19:1-20 The Impact of Revival 07/02/2023 View
Acts 20:17-38 Live with Purpose 07/09/2023 View
Acts 21:1-15 Be Aligned with God's Will 07/16/2023 View
Acts 23:23-26:32 Your Part in God’s Story 07/23/2023 View
Acts 27:9-44 How to Weather the Storm 07/30/2023 View
Acts 28:1-24 See God’s Hand of Favor 08/06/2023 View